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IB Classes, AP Classes, A Level Classes in Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | UAE

Master the STEM with Dubai’s Leading Exam Preparation Center

IB Classes, AP Classes, A Level Classes in UAE

STEM Education integrates four major disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (collectively shortened as S.T.E.M.) into an interdisciplinary and applied approach to better prepare students for real-world applications.

Therefore, any student aiming for a career in high-demand disciplines such as Engineering, Architecture, Healthcare, and Statistics must have a strong background in STEM subjects, which is where we come in. 

We have a team of excellent STEM tutors, each with more than a decade of experience, who are committed to providing quality training on these important subjects to improve your core competencies in these subjects.

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IB Classes (HL / SL )

IB Physics Classes

IB Chemistry Classes

IB Biology Classes

IB Maths Classes

AP Classes(HL / SL )

AP Physics Classes

AP Chemistry Classes

AP BiologyClasses

AP Maths Classes

A Level Classes

A level Physics Classes

A level Chemistry Classes

A level Biology Classes

A level Maths Classes

(AQA / Edexcel / OCR ) Board

GCSE / IGCSE Classes

Physics Classes

Chemistry Classes

Biology Classes

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(AQA / Edexcel / OCR) Board

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STEM Classes

Our Advantages

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STEM Preparation

Our Advantages

gtu classInteractive And Live Classes
gtu classFace To Face Offline Classes
gtu classPrivate Tutoring
gtu classSignificant improvement in student school
gtu classCustomized Classes to meet individual needs
gtu classSmall Batch Size
gtu class1,000+ students successfully trained
gtu classUpdated Learning Resources

Our Successful Methodology

Free STEM Counseling Sesssion

Tuition Tailored to the Student

Clasroom Training

Remedial session

Mock Test & Review session Before Exam

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Subject Tutoring in Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah

To achieve an ideal score in this test you must avail GoToUniversity’s Subject Tutoring in Dubai . The primary goal of the institute is to teach students and prepare them for their higher education as well. Many students residing in the UAE have taken advantage of our STEM courses and classes, which are especially designed for the aspiring students who wish to achieve good grades in high school. Students who want to take offline classes and have their queries answered face to face then, they can benefit from our STEM TUTORING preparation in Dubai and join the crowd of our top scorer students. We have pledged to impart you with the right information and guide you with the accurate and adequate course study materials. 

We provide Subject Tutoring prep classes at many considerable locations in the UAE but if you wish to go to the best Subject Tutoring center in Dubai then you must visit our head office. GoToUniversity: offers Subject Tutoring preparation classes in Emirates Towers Dubai, JLT, Al Nahda - Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Subject preparation classes in India, GoToUniversity offers considerable packages for the Subject Tutoring . read more

STEM - Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

The subjects included in the STEM tutoring are- Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Economics, Business studies, Accountancy, French, Computer science, Mathematics.

Yes it does support IBDP and MYP curriculum.

Apart from IB, it supports; A levels, I/GCSE, and American curriculum.

Its annual tuition package supports 8-10 months with weekly tests, small group studies, unit based tests, mock exams, handbooks and study materials and so on.

Gotouniversity provides summer tutoring packages to students to utilize their summer holidays time.

Yes, every week unit based and mock tests are given to the students to check their progress.

If you wish to join STEM tutoring classes at our tutoring centre then you will be provided with a demo-session to know your needs and satisfaction.

In the UAE, there are 3 centres in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi at considerable locations

Private tutoring and online mode tutoring is also offered to the students

Yes, online homework modules are accessible to students on the student login dashboard.

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