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Foundation Medicine Program

Foundation Medicine Program

Foundation programs in medicine are a popular pathway among students who do not fit the typical criteria for a medical student. The foundation program in medicine is helpful for students who did not study properly during their high school to get into a medical program but still have the potential to become successful healthcare professionals. Students who want to study medicine in the UK must go for this program as it prepares you for your tough journey in the medical field.

It is extremely beneficial for students who want to study medicine abroad but are not prepared for it academically. Generally, a student selects a programme in medicine after completing their high school. The bachelor's degree in medicine takes about four years after which the students start with their MD.

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However, the foundation medicine program requires the student to give one extra to prepare for medical school. It is a preparation year that gives you all the knowledge required to start a medical school. Generally, a foundation program in medicine is a year-long course but some students also pursue it up to three years. It is the redeeming option for students who did not choose the subjects required to pursue a degree in medicine.

In some universities, you will have to choose an integrated foundation medicine program along with a bachelor's in medicine degree. In other universities, you can choose a standalone foundation medicine program that can help you study medicine abroad. Some institutions that teach foundation medicine programmes have collaborations with medical schools. This helps you in getting selected for an interview round directly for some of the top-ranked universities in the world.

Advantages of Studying Foundation Medicine program

Let's look at the advantages of studying the foundation medicine program.

  1. Any student who has completed their high school degree can enroll in the foundation medicine program. It is specially meant for students who want to prepare for medical school.
  2. Students who want to study medicine abroad, especially in the UK must go for a foundation medicine program. These programmes are specifically designed to prepare students for a full-time medical degree.
  3. This program will teach you the basics of biology, chemistry and physics in depth. At the end of the program, you will have to give a final assessment in the form of a practical and written test that will check your knowledge
  4. After completing the foundation medicine program, you will be able to get into a medical program successfully.

Eligibility to study foundation medicine program

The foundation medicine program is for students who want to study medicine abroad but lack the requirements. Let's look at the eligibility criteria to study the foundation medicine program.

  1. This program is specifically for students who do not have the academic record to get into a medical school but still have the potential. It is one of the various gateways to get into a good medical school. First of all, you must complete your 12 years of basic education to be able to get into a foundation medicine program.

Some universities or institutions that offer the programme will require you to have studied physics, chemistry, biology or math during your high school. Many universities also offer the program to students who have not studied the subjects in high school as well.

If you want to pursue your foundation medicine program in the UK, then you will have to submit your IELTS and TOEFL scores.

In some universities, you will also have to give an entrance exam or an interview.

Top universities to study foundation medicine program

Let's look at the top medical colleges and universities that offer foundation medicine programmes to international students who want to study medicine abroad.

  1. Aberdeen University
  2. Bristol University
  3. Dundee University
  4. Edge Hill University
  5. Hull York Medical School
  6. Keele University
  7. King's College London
  8. Lancaster University

All of these universities in the UK offer foundation medicine programs to international students. Students can check the deadlines of these universities to make sure that they apply on time. Most of these universities also offer an integrated foundation medicine program plus a bachelor's in medicine. The whole course takes around 5 to 6 years to complete. After completing the students can go for their MD

Cost to study foundation medicine program in the UK

It will cost you somewhere around £18000-£20,000 annually to complete your foundation medicine program in the UK. The program is worth every penny if you want to study medicine abroad and are not prepared for the same. The living expenses can be subjective but the average cost of accommodation in the UK will be £8000-£10000.

For more information related to the medicine foundation program, you can contact Goto University. We offer study-abroad consultations in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. We have helped numerous students in securing a seat in the top medical universities of the world. Book an appointment with us today to learn more about our services.

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