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Germany university admission

Germany, a country with a rich history and considered one of the safest in today’s world, has been attracting a great crowd in recent years. Students from all over the world who wish to study abroad want to keep it as one of the top preferred options. Every year thousands of students immigrate to Germany to benefit themselves of world class and life changing opportunities while experiencing an entirely unequaled life away from home. It is a dynamic country, great universities, vibrant lifestyle, history, and one of the non-Anglophone study destinations. Opting to study in Germany is a challenging process as many are new to the exhausting procedure and have insufficient information about the universities or program they wish to pursue. 

Top reasons to study in Germany

Universities in Germany are always induced in the top universities of the world with varied programs as per students’ interests and ambitions. Some of the reasons to choose Germany as a study destination could be- 

  • Quality of education

Universities in Germany are one of the finest and fall in the list of top ten universities in world university ranking. So, obtaining education for this country is of much value and the degree is also acceptable in every part of the world. The education it provides is enough to nurture the entire life of a student. 

  • Lower or no tuition fees

Germany offers very less or almost no tuition fees to students along with the perks and benefits of studying at its universities. The cost of study in Germany would also be very less, around €500-€700/year. The government of Germany also aids the education of the students at public universities and offers part-time jobs also to support them. 

  • Cost of living 

If you are confused about the expenses, then not to worry! The cost of living in Germany would also be very less around €10,500/year and Germany along with studying will be manageable for you if you plan to study abroad.

  • Courses 

German universities offer a variety of different courses and programs in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, Humanities, Math and Computer science, etc. There are plenty of subjects and different combinations to choose from.

  • Diverse culture

Germany is a hub to different cultures and people from different corners of the world who let you get mixed up with them. Students always feel a sense of belonging here which allows you to adjust and settle in with ease and discover a friendly nation.

  • A safe country

Safety is the prominent aspect of choosing this country for higher education and settling in. The thought of moving to a safe country lets you focus on other important things as it is one of the safest countries in the world. 

Germany admission consulting services

German universities are one of the most preferred and affordable ones providing an excellent quality of education. Despite the difficult admission procedure, thousands of students every year immigrate for higher education to Germany. The need of an education consultant becomes necessary in such cases. Though it offers education in both English and German language still the procedure is quite distinct from others. You must seek help from an education consultant to make it easier. Having a record of thousands of students with successful university admissions, our expert education consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and parts of UAE and India offer consulting services for universities in Germany to make your application faster and easier.

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1. Free Counseling Session with our Consultants

2. Profile Evaluation

3. shortlisting of Universities & Programs

4. Guidance on Standardized Tests

5. Guidance on curriculum

6. Search for Best Scholarships

7. University application with Deadlines

8. Interview Preparation

9. Post Acceptance - Finalize best program & university

10. Visa & Accommodation Guidance

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Our Services


Interview Prep

Our consultants will prepare you for the interviews through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions.

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Essay Reviewing

Our team of professional editors who are graduates from top universities will review and edit your essays to meet the university standards.

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Recommendation Letter

We help you choose the right academic and non-academic recommenders based on your program requirements.

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Profile Evaluation

We analyze your interests, skills, personal characteristics, and goals to judge your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant to identify gaps in your profile.

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Resume Building

We develop a customized roadmap to build your profile considering merits of your career goals. Profile building includes summer school programs, internships, doctor shadowing, extra-curricular and other activities.

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University Selection

We help you shortlist universities, programs, and countries considering your long term goals, and core strengths.

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Standardized Tests

We advise you to take the right standardized tests, and English language proficiency test for the programs that you apply.

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Essay Conceptualizing

Writing college essays is one of the crucial parts of your application. Our consultants will brainstorm with you to analyze and conceptualize the relevant experiences of your story to portray to the university.

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